Dear Patients & Providers:

Please be assured that throughout the COVID-19 crisis, Baptist M&S Imaging continues to maintain high quality imaging services that you can rely upon for diagnosis. We are committed to performing these services in a safe environment for our patients, providers and colleagues.

We understand and take privilege in our responsibility to providing safe, excellent care to our patients for other common diseases. At Baptist M&S, we are confident in our policies, procedures and systems to uphold this responsibility to our community. We will continue to adapt our processes as this situation continues to evolve for the best interest of our patients, employees and providers.

At this time, we are enforcing the city ordinance requiring everyone wear a mask. Additionally, you will be screened at the front of our facility prior to being allowed inside. We also ask that you go online to our website at and fill out, print and bring the necessary paperwork with you. You can find our forms under Patient Resources at the top of the website.

Working together we can provide the safe and quality imaging care you can rely upon.


Baptist M&S Imaging and the Radiologists of M&S Imaging Associates

Welcome To Baptist M&S Imaging

We’ve created a Circle of Excellence that starts with the Patient and ends with the Successful Completion of High Quality Affordable Radiology Services.  You’re in the center of the Baptist M&S Imaging Circle of Excellence.  With you at the center, we’ll surround you with the highest quality and the latest technology at our first class facilities. Our caring staff will provide you with the best radiology imaging and service in San Antonio.

With your doctor’s orders, we’ll make certain that every procedure is completed to the highest standards providing information vital for your health and treatment.

We offer an imaging service like no other - Beginning with convenient locations throughout San Antonio, timely appointment scheduling and appointments, and acceptance of nearly all-insurance plans, M&S Imaging the choice for physicians and patients.

Our Commitment to Excellence

We have created a circle of excellence that starts with the patient and ends with the successful completion of high quality, affordable radiology services.

  • Eleven outpatient radiology imaging centers
  • Conveniently located throughout San Antonio
  • Latest radiology imaging center technology available
  • Offering all modalities of radiological services
  • 40 Board-Certified Radiologists