An X-ray is especially good at taking quick and painless images of your bones, and structures of your body. X-rays are often used for images of bones; for bone fractures, and to diagnose and follow arthritis, and bone cancer. X-rays can also view lung infections, enlarged heart, bowel gas pattern, and kidney stones.

Unless your X-ray is the result of an emergency and requires immediate attention, before the test, you want to avoid eating or drinking for about 2 hours before your X-Ray.

image of technician performing x-raySome patients maybe asked for a urine sample for a pregnancy test. As with most imaging tests, pregnant women and their doctors should discuss the risk of having the test while they are pregnant.

Please do not bring:

  • Jewelry, watches, credit cards and hearing aids, all of which can be damaged.
  • Pins, hairpins, metal zippers and similar metallic items, which can distort images.
  • Removable dental work.
  • Pens, pocketknives and eyeglasses.
  • In most cases, an X-Ray exam is safe for patients with metal implants, except for a few types.

If you have a question or comment call 210-228-XRAY (9729).